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Data and analytics in Decision Making, a strategy for success

Raiseaticket free helpdesk uncovers important insights in the process of optimizing customer support procedures. Deep diving into reports turn problems into opportunities on the fly. Anchor on customer improvement by checking and harmonizing their challenges in onboarding, adoption, utilization of your product and services.

The priority, response, and resolution metrics serve three business purposes:

  • Define expectations for the support requester (customer);
  • Determine which tickets needs to be addressed first; and
  • Helps to analyse the performance of your helpdesk operations.

Identification and Evaluation of Support Process

Regular reporting tracks the trends of customer support service experiences. Customer centric decisions have become the core of an organisation’s support strategy. Raiseaticket free help desk reports uncover insights into customer support issues by tracking average resolution time, SLA breaches, response time etc. Response time is the backbone of any organisation. When you measure the right metrics, such as average ticket resolution time, you eventually work towards improving the customer support experience.

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Customers expect a quick response if it’s a low-priority ticket and don’t like to repetitively point out a single issue. It’s difficult to prioritize and efficiently manage your support inbox, especially between team members. Raiseaticket provides the most equitable way to handle the tickets based on priority and the order they are received. Today customers just don't buy products or services, they value more the experience.

Reports and Analytics


Every organization must determine which support areas would benefit most from simplification depending on its unique support context and circumstances. Customers prefer a simple tool that suits their support journey adequately. With raiseaticket free helpdesk you can deliver a low-effort, high-quality service with fewer channels.

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Monitor Performance

Gaining in-depth knowledge about customers isn't something that just happens. Raiseaticket free helpdesk’s unmatched combination of simple and data-driven reports steer your business toward the right decisions on the issues that matter most - optimization of the existing processes and improving productivity benchmarks. Analyze your service performance with our pre-built insights and dashboards with the key metrics. For instance, you can filter and download the tagged tickets to ensure the relevant tickets are included in the context search.

Reports and Analytics

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