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Customer support and services

In IT services, customer support is used to help the customers to resolve the technical problems raised in the products and services. Customer support has many channels and forms, customer support is an opportunity to capture more leads both at enterprise and SMB customers. Customer service is highly important as it helps to retain customers. This gives the business an advantage against their competition.

Helpdesk ticketing system in customer support and service

A helpdesk ticketing is an on-premise or cloud-based software or tool to manage customer questions, requests or reported issues. The questions or requests are raised as tickets.

The free helpdesk system is specifically designed for organizing and tracking all the fixes and replies made for a service request or for technical support. A deployed ticketing system gives more visibility, else there is no way to ensure that the tickets are read and resolved by the right person or agent.

It is also one of the primary ways your customers interact with your company. When an organization understands its customers' categories and types, it can ensure the right support team is prepared to help the customers.

Helpdesk enables to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations across multiple verticals or dimensions. Raises customer expectations to new levels.

Building and connecting seamless resolution journeys for the customers with relevant, trusted and timely actions.

Cloud-based helpdesk

A fully blown ticketing system is the innovative step to building a great customer experience for any organization. Raiseaticket free Cloud based ticketing system offers better customer support solutions in terms of flexibility, cost, maintenance, features, upgrades, and security. It is based on the cloud services and cloud host applications in which the services are delivered over the internet on an external server and can be accessed by any time in anywhere with the help of web browsers on any devices. The online ticketing system aims to provide the service to the customers as fast as possible for better customer experience.

By deploying Raiseaticket, the cloud-based free helpdesk solution you can manage your customer experiences in a far better way. It is the free helpdesk solution with the required features for your business support.

Benefits of free cloud-based helpdesk

Ease of Setup and Use

Simple guided setup will get you up to engage with the helpdesk more quickly and runs you fast so that you can provide better and personalized support to your customers instantly to solve their problems.

Cloud-based helpdesk is quite easy to use, it does not need any complicated installations. Just sign up, create an account for your company, log in to the helpdesk portal and get started. Raiseaticket provides powerful, insightful, and easy to use cloud-based free helpdesk functions. With the 2-steps sign up process, you can easily onboard into your raiseaticket free helpdesk portal.


Cloud-based helpdesk is more adaptable and easier to access anywhere, any time without any problem. Raiseaticket free helpdesk platform is easily adaptable to any devices such as Pc's, mobile phones and tablets for the convenient access of your helpdesk portal via a web browser. Today, the agents have adapted in ways they never thought possible in the virtual workplace, at a time of unprecedented change and when customer support has only become more important.

Faster Response Time

Usually, customers do not wait for long they always expect a quick response to assist their problems. Cloud-based helpdesk act as an easy tool to handle all the customer issues and request by eliminating cluttered mailboxes and unaddressed customer requests. With the Raiseaticket free helpdesk ticketing system anyone in your organization could have insights such as which requests need a quick answer, what requires immediate attention or if there is an unresolved critical issue, within minutes.

Faster Resolution Time

Resolving a customer issue as soon as possible is the biggest metric targeted in customer support, a faster resolution time makes the customer happier. Raiseaticket free helpdesk provides better standards of service delivery to ensure that the support team can assist and resolve a ticket in a defined amount of time with faster ticket resolution time.

Point of Contact

Free online ticketing system provides a single point of contact and communication for better customer support and help to track all sort of communication in a single place to handle and resolve the customer problems easily. You can support and manage all your customer requests from different channels through the unified system of raiseaticket free helpdesk ticketing system.

Remote Support

Cloud-based free helpdesk has remote access with that accessing various agents in different geographical areas are possible for the wide and improved customer support. Raiseaticket enables companies large and small to collaborate, manage and track works conducted by your support team all in one free helpdesk platform. Manage your team anywhere, anytime in order to support the remote future.

Performance Monitoring

Free online ticketing system provides easy monitoring capabilities for the business functions. You can track and monitor the real-time performance of your helpdesk portal through a powerful raiseaticket dashboard. Raiseaticket free helpdesk reporting feature provides you with the insights and metrics to make better business decisions with improved efficiency. This requires customer success strategies throughout the customer life-cycle.

Increase in Agent Productivity

Raiseaticket enables companies large and small to collaborate, manage and track works conducted by your support team all in one free helpdesk platform. It provides streamlined communications between support teams from various groups and departments within your organisation. So that your support team can collaborate and share information together to solve the complicated problems more effectively. It provides custom reports to improve your support team experience and measure team effectiveness through data-driven performance insights.

Control your support experience, all in one platform.

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