Ticket and Agent Performance

Ticket Volume

The tickets received metrics on your support channels can help with future scheduling and hiring decisions. Alignment between brand, employee, and customer experiences drives business performance.

Reports and Analytics


The SLA breach and agent’s queue helps to determine if your backlog is growing or shrinking, which also helps in futuristic hiring, training of agents and optimise the ticket flow. From backlogs understand the importance of the convergence of brand, customer experience, and employee experience and continue to check what it’s lacking and the gaps.

  • Assess where you fail
  • Identify the optimization opportunities
  • Action on the priorities
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SLA Compliance

Review and update SLA targets periodically, analyse the requirements of every customer and define the SLA policies accordingly.

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Key Metrics

Highlights the significance of each metric and how it provides insights into different aspects of customer support operations. Tracking these metrics can help identify areas for improvement, optimize resources, and deliver a superior customer experience.

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