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Today we look for remote support 24/7 or 8/5 from vendors and service providers across multiple channels. One of the popular channels is the email support system on the helpdesk software. A remote helpdesk like Raiseaticket allows users to register and receive remote support from their vendors for their products and subscribed services. Email communication has become more popular than phone calls and its use increases day by day. Everyone is using email for both personal and business communication. Let's spark your mind little -a- bit deep to get into the main concept i.e. E-mail ticketing system.

Shared Inbox

Email is one of the most preferable communication tools in business due to its capabilities and easy access. Email is more reliable, fast, cheap and convenient than more conventional forms of communication such as telephone calls and in-person meetings. In business, each email is more important because it acts as a communication tool with management, partners, vendors, employees and customers. By using email, the organisation can easily inform concerned stakeholders in regard to scheduled meetings, important notices, while delivering any other kinds of information as required. For Emailing one only needs an internet connection plus a Mobile or Desktop app. this will enable you to easily communicate with people from anywhere throughout the world instantly. It also acts as a written document to view the information in the future if needed.

Email is simply the message which is delivered from one person to another. When considering email with a business point of view, the effectiveness of communication helps to develop better relationships in business. For successful and professional communication certain email codes of contact should be followed i.e. Relevance, Subject, Content of the email, Language, mannerism and Response time.

The first thing in email communication is relevance. In the course of business, email communication should be used as is necessary, one should know its appropriate need and use. Another communication medium such as phone calls and chats are also used based on their necessity and purpose.

Look before you leap! In this respect think before writing that email, it will help to give clarity to the content and avoid sending inappropriate messages. The Subject is one of the most important parts of an email, it clarifies and summarizes the reader about the actual content of the email.

In a business atmosphere, email should written in a polite manner with proper punctuation and should be grammatically correct, without spelling mistakes. Emails need to be short and clear; in case of any detailed information, the email may be longer for the ease of explanation.

Good email communication needs timely responses if the response is not appropriate this may cause the customer to gain a bad impression about the company and its service. Professional and informative responses will always be necessary for communication.

All the above things make email communication more effective which leads to business success. The purpose of email expands beyond communication and can be used as a customer support tool to solve customer problems and issues. Customers are able to directly communicate with support agents regarding their issues and gain feedback or other suggestions for organisation development. Due to its expanded purpose emails are used in various industries, not only for information transfer but also for customer service and support.

Some of the industries using email for customer support include:
  • Manufacturing
  • Retailing
  • Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Managed Service Providers (MSP)
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Manage Cluttered Mailboxes

From the above clearly, email has multiple benefits for use within the business, and although it has tremendous advantages when considering the business point of view, emails are only suitable for limited employees and customers. As an organisation grows and becomes large a company, it becomes difficult to handle 1000's of emails and for customer support, it is difficult to assign each email request that comes into the specific support agents. this will create the issue of having multiple agents working on the same problem with yet providing the customer with different answers. If every email becomes multiple threads of replies, the agents will struggle to prioritize and respond to every request. Further, a disorganized inbox and lack of communication between management, support agents and customers result in inefficiency, customer dissatisfaction, reduced customer trust and confidence in the organization's ability to solve their problems in an accurate and timely manner. This will also reduce the organization's reputation and loyalty among customers. Additionally, following the email code of conduct is much more difficult, resulting in inappropriate email responses which may lead to negative PR for the business.

To eliminate all these difficulties and for more improvements, there is a saviour that can handle these difficulties in an easy way. These are made possible with a ticketing system or helpdesk software.

With improved technologies, customer expectation rises more and more. Within a commercial atmosphere, customer service is highly important as it helps to retain customers. This gives the business an advantage against their competition. So, with the developing technologies, each business should adopt to newer things to propel themselves further ahead.

In relation to customer support, the helpdesk ticketing system is the better choice for success, let's see how it functions.

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Communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration between teams are critical to implementing support procedures. This could include the communication between multiple teams within the organization or communication between third-party or external teams and their respective product/development team. This leads to identifying common approaches to solve problems that might have common elements, remove ambiguity, and provides the possibility to solve more complex challenges. Effective team composition, knowledge sharing fosters communication and collaboration.

A free helpdesk ticketing system is an on-premise or cloud-based application which uses an IT Service Management oriented organization to automate the ticketing and workflow of incidents' and service requests. The business objectives of the ticketing system are to be consistent, accountable, as well as improve management, quality and communications to ensure the company stays business-aligned and efficient.

A free helpdesk ticketing system helps to solve the customer's questions, requests and report issues in a better way. It is designed for organizing and tracking all the queries, service requests and replies which are made to the technical support by customers. These questions or requests are raised as tickets. And the ticketing system helps to assign these tickets to the right person, known as a support agent, to ensure that all tickets are read and resolved in a timely manner. Raising customer requests or tickets is much simpler than email or phone support setups, this is due to the fact that customers can raise their own tickets through various communication channels. The most preferable communication channels being the web and email.

Does this channel have the functionality to solve customer's issues and have fewer implications for staff resourcing? An organization that has a Web and Email ticketing system enables anyone in your organization to have a clear vision of which customer needs a quick answer, what requires immediate attention or if there are any unresolved critical problems. The ticketing system ensures agents can easily identify and resolve these issues immediately. This helps to reduce the unnoticed tickets by the support agents with the improved workflow.

Now you have the clear idea about how Email and a helpdesk ticketing system works. Develop, train and place resources in the customer's path. Let's further look into the collaboration of the two which gives rise to the free email ticketing system.

In everyone's mind, a question arises as to whether the free email ticketing system is only limited to technical support? And the answer to this is simply No, It is not only limited to technical support and the IT department, but it is also used by almost every department of the organisations for better and effective business.

The key departments that benefit from a helpdesk ticketing system include:

Human resources


Finance and accounting


Sales and Marketing

Research and Development

With the increased use of emails in various industry's organisation often find it difficult to manage or incoming requests successfully and in a timely manner. This can end up causing damage to the relationship a business has with its customers as it comes across as bad service when an emailed request is left ignored or on hold for extended periods of time. The free email ticketing system is very handy in helping to eliminate this problem as each email request is registered with its own ticket and thus is easily traced and managed. This helps improve the level of customer service your business provides to your customers and business partners. You can clearly draw the customer journey map from the initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship. Customer journey map allows to dig into customer experience at every touchpoint and identify pain points along the way.

The most crucial aspect of a support queue is the ordering of tickets or support requests. This will help an support agent understand which tickets need to be addressed first. In general, a combination of response and resolution times is the determinant of ticket order.

With the widespread use of emails in various industries, organizations often struggle to manage incoming requests effectively and promptly. This can harm the relationship with customers, as it reflects poorly on the business when emailed requests are ignored or left on hold for too long. Thankfully, the free email ticketing system comes to the rescue by registering each email request as a separate ticket, making it easy to track and handle. This significantly improves the level of customer service, benefiting both customers and business partners. It allows you to map the customer journey from the initial contact to ongoing relationships, analyzing customer experiences at each interaction point and identifying any issues along the way.

The key to an efficient support queue is the arrangement of tickets or support requests. This helps support agents understand which tickets should be prioritized. Typically, the combination of response and resolution times determines the order in which tickets are addressed.

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