Helpdesk Pricing



Web portal

Company Management

User Management

Custom Organisation Support Portal

Group Management

Agents Management

Agents Privileges


Operating hours

Definition of Holidays

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Policies

Time Zone Support

Ticket properties and tracking Metrics


Support Groups and Queues

Prioritization Control

Multiple SLA

Ticket Classification

Granular Access Control

Ticket Activity

Full Encryption Throughout

SPAM Classification

GDPR Compliant Data Takeout & Data Deletion Requests

EU-Based Servers

Multi-factor Authentication

Privacy Policy

Incoming email authentication: SPF, DKIM, DMARC

Easy-to-set up ticket flows

Web Ticketing System

Email Ticketing System

Custom Ticket Statuses

Ticket Priorities


Client Notifications

Agent Notifications

Admin Notifications

Ticket Service Level Agreements (SLA)

SLA Breach Prevention & Notifications


Microsoft Teams


Dashboard (User, Agent, Admin)


Export Reports

Automated Report Scheduling

Share Dashboard

Email and Web Ticketing

Intuitive Ticket Thread

Quick Rollover Preview

Ticket summary and timeline

Sorting filters

Extensive sorting filters

Advanced search

Ticket Bookmarks

Ticket forwarding (with optional approval requests)

Private and Public notes

Ticket Tagging

Ticket following

Export and Print Tickets

Ticket Merge

Ticket Deletion

Ticket-Tracked Time Summary

Ticket View Transition

Ticket Bulk Actions

Automated Response Templates



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