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Free Ticketing Helpdesk System

A dedicated, simple and customisable best free helpdesk portal with a fully-blown, feature-packed web based ticketing system, that is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Raiseaticket's free helpdesk provides enablement around how to deliver sucessful customer support.

Teams and Agents

Assign tickets to teams or agents, add notes, attach files, update status and track time spent on the tickets. Route your requests by skills or groups to the appropriate channels and escalate accordingly, with effective monitoring. Check agent and ticket performance with the built-in reports.

Multiple Channels

Manage email and portal-originated communications through a unified system. We're constantly working to integrate other channels, such as social media, into the free helpdesk platform. Free Helpdesk's benefits are also designed to address your business holistically in order to deliver successful customer support.

Multiple Sla

Multiple SLA

Create different SLAs for different customers following unique business hours. SLA's ensure that the support team complete a ticket in a defined amount of resolution or response time on the free helpdesk platform. Roll out the right SLA for every customer.


Real-time customer, agent and administrator notifications enable automated event-triggered responses on the free helpdesk portal settings. Message the support teams in the channels of Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Security is our top priority. We go to great lengths to ensure your data is safe and your communications are secure within your free helpdesk portal. We follow best industry practices in order to secure with multi-layered protection.

Dashboard and Reporting

Track performance in real-time through a powerful dashboard, accessing reporting that provides insights and with the vast array of strong quantifiable metrics, thus enabling better business decisions and improved efficiency. Raiseaticket's free helpdesk helps in data-informed decisions, strategies, and workflows.

Knowledge Base

Build a knowledge base repository for how-to's, troubleshooting, best practices, work examples, templates and procedural information with the knowledge base feature of the free helpdesk. Raiseaticket free helpdesk guides agents through the optimal support option for handling their tickets and assesses the best fit for the user support needs.

Any Device

Free cloud helpdesk portal works on any device through its reactive-based design. Raiseaticket is adaptable to any device used to access the free helpdesk platform via a web browser which enables to support a remote future.


GDPR Compliant and ITSM oriented free helpdesk. Raiseaticket follows industry standards to ensure your helpdesk operations are inline.

Control your support experience, all in one platform.

Provide support and answers on your products, services, updates, incidents and issues with your experts on our 100% free helpdesk cloud platform.

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