Free Internal Ticketing Software and Employee Engagement

Employees who are most engaged with their projects and team members always perform the best. One way is by designing a work environment that supports them and is conducive to collaboration. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) for instance consists of teams which are required to work in collaboration and share information internally and business partners. Align your Sales, Marketing and Customer Success from the very beginning, else you are setting yourself up for client retention problems. Utilize a building block approach for employees with long term vision, culture, technology, processes and continuous improvement.

Deploy the raiseaticket free internal ticketing software, which provides detailed insights about support requests (tickets) across your organization for all tickets received, resolved, assigned, unassigned, pending and overdue, together with responses as well as category sorting. The internal ticketing software must be simple, intuitive and easy to use. The teams could collaborate on sales, support, issues, and projects with various Internal Departments. Features like public and private notes will also allow teams to share information together. The free ticketing systems helps to streamline and organize communications between employees and support teams from various groups or departments.

Once the ticketing system is deployed, anyone in your organization could have insights such as which requests need a quick answer, what requires immediate attention or if there is an unresolved critical issue, within minutes. Knowledge management is crucial for any organization looking to improve support processes and efficiency and to scale out their helpdesk systems. Short term and long term knowledge sharing and distribution allows an organization to use their knowledge assets as efficiently as possible in the technical support.

Knowledge Base and FAQs

raiseaticket free helpdesk articles


Build a free internal knowledge base repository for how-to's, troubleshooting, and procedural information with the knowledge base feature. The knowledge base makes it easy for employees to find relevant, contextual, actionable, accurate, and consistent information across different categories.

raiseaticket free helpdesk FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Add the frequently asked question that you want to display on the front page of your helpdesk portal. When you create the FAQ, create and assign the relevant category.

Knowledge Management Process

  • Right Content Creation
  • Review
  • Update product and service changes
  • Publish
  • Audit
  • Content Retirement
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Today it is possible to engage many employees in solving issues and generate ideas that could help an organization thrive. Establishing internal ticketing and knowledge share tool encourages employees to collaborate, share knowledge, and solve problems. It also helps to identify the priorities of the organization. An employee who is an entry-level trainee completes the basic level of technical training and gains subsequent levels to gain mastery with the knowledge base and ticket archives. Knowledge evolves with experience which could be classified as deep (acquired by experience) or shallow (readily recalled). Knowledge collected about customers, products, people, processes, assets, measures, etc.. is vital for an organisation. This requires continuous innovation and improvisation regularly.

The ticketing software provides custom reports to improve your employee experience and measure your team effectiveness through data-driven performance insights. You can track performance in real time through a powerful dashboard, accessing reporting that provides insights and metrics, thus enabling better business decisions and improved efficiency based on KPI. The data helps in to discover the employee experience (EX) impact on customer experience (CX).

All these add to improve your employees experience and engagement with a higher level of satisfaction. Customer experience is one of key growth driver to discover how to improve your product, marketing, buying experience, and organization with innovative technologies and trends.

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