Free Helpdesk Software and Customer Experience

A good customer support experience builds the reputation, loyalty, and trust in the product or services offered.

Few key steps to achieve a better customer experience.

  1. Deploy the raiseaticket free web helpdesk software, which provides detailed insights about support requests (tickets) across your organisation for all tickets received, resolved, assigned, unassigned, pending and overdue, together with client and agent responses as well as category sorting. The web-based helpdesk software needs to be simple, intuitive and easy to use.

  2. Train your agents and teams about the product and services handled. The helpdesk platform should be simple and intuitive for easy handling of tickets for the agent.

  3. Define the SLA for your customer support process based on the operating hours.

  4. Make sure your customers can submit tickets via multiple channels. Also, a simple web portal will be easy for customers to submit requests.

  5. The free helpdesk provides custom reports to improve your customer experience and measure your team effectiveness through data-driven performance insights. You can track performance in real time through a powerful dashboard, accessing reporting that provides insights and metrics, thus enabling better business decisions and improved efficiency based on KPI.

  6. Email notification to customers on the status of tickets will help them to understand the ticket workflow.

  7. Feedback on closed tickets from customers will help to identify the pain points in the support process and thereby fix it in an efficient way.

All these add to improve your customer experience and a higher level of satisfaction. Eliminate cluttered mailboxes and unaddressed customer requests with Raiseaticket free helpdesk. Focus on what matters. Automate processes to increase effectiveness.

Control your support experience, all in one platform.

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