What is a help desk software?

Every business offers their best product or services to the customers to achieve greater business success. In this journey, customer always require support or help for the product and services they purchased.

A best free help desk is the platform to manage customer questions, requests or issues. The questions or requests are raised as tickets. The agents are often the face of the support function that customers see, customers make judgements about the entire organization based on agent’s interactions and conversations. The help desk software enables to track, oversee and organise all interactions, in order to help a business focus on the needs of its customers. Enables for the cross-functional alignment to improve the customer service experience.

Ease of access, Ease of communication, Ease of ticket submission, Status transparency, and Prioritization control accelerate to drive support efficiency and satisfaction for both your support team and customers.

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Raiseaticket is an easy to use simple support ticket system designed for help desk management. Raiseaticket is web-based, hence customer could raise tickets or queries in a few clicks without downloading any software applications. It has the capability of delivering insights and holistic monitoring of support operations to team leaders, project managers through a powerful dashboard with an extensive set of reporting tools. Raiseaticket could be deployed as a free online ticketing system where a customer creates a trouble ticket on the SaaS platform. The ticket is tracked, prioritized and assigned to the agent based on the SLA and operating hours. The agents could access the ticket and resolve the tickets from anywhere at any time. The resolution path, actions taken can be easily extracted from the reports. These reports help to close performance gaps and implement best support practices.

Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding is one of the important factors to be considered in the business which influences the success of the business by providing a better customer experience. The first impression is the best impression customers always expects that if their onboarding into the helpdesk is better and easy means they really stick into that and try to explore more things.

One thing we remember customers expectations are always high and they are very curious to know if the product is really solving their problems. Customers only expect easy steps to solve their problems.

Raiseaticket understands the actual needs of the customers and made our helpdesk simple, intuitive and easy to use. With the 2-steps sign up process, you can easily onboard into your raiseaticket helpdesk portal. After you sign up for your helpdesk portal you can access our setup wizard via the link sent to your email. When you login into your helpdesk portal our guided wizard will assist you to configure your helpdesk portal according to your needs.

It is so simple you can easily able to access our helpdesk portal without any difficulties. If you have any difficulties you can refer our documents, articles, FAQs and setup guides in our website to clarify your doubts. Also, you can directly contact our customer support regarding your problems. We are happy to solve your problems immediately.

A help desk ticketing system is used to manage customer questions, requests or reported issues. The questions or requests are raised as tickets. What is a ticket? A ticket is a customer request raised to seek help in resolving issues on services, products, quotes, etc. The ticket could be raised by sending an email, using the web form, or opened by the agent on behalf of the customer.

Teams or groups is the right mix and number of members, optimally designed for tasks and processes and promote positive dynamics. Competence, Innovation, Collaboration, Commitment and Co-ordination factors for successful teamwork. Serving a customer involves more than simply solving their requests. We want to create an experience where in they feel satisfied and relieved of their reported issue.

Teamwork enables a compelling direction, a strong structure, and a supportive context for delivering excellent customer service and experience. Customers expect every interaction, end-to-end, to be the best experience they have with every support team. Team leaders devote significant time to optimise interactions in the support channels. This helps to understand the operation factors such as average response time, resolution time which translates into customer satisfaction.

The factors that drive customer expectations are constantly changing. Consistency is an important factor for customer support including interactions and information provided on the support channels. Organisations gain customer's trust by being transparent and providing them with accurate information about their requests.

    Consistent delivery of support and services

    Information consistency

    Improved quality and efficiency

    Greater visibility of support services

    Better communications with customers

    Ensure best industry practices

    Keep IT aligned to the business

    Monitor and measure performance over the customer journey

A good customer support experience builds the reputation, loyalty, and trust in the product or services offered. Customer support empowers organizations to translate customer insights into the improvements that drive value, including:

    Improved customer retention and loyalty

    Customer acquisition by referrals

    Reduced cost to serve

    Identity repeated issues

    Increased brand awareness

Customer support has many channels, let’s start from the beginning, where it all began, and in this, I am referring to the growth and evolution of customer support services via the email channel. Customer support via email remains one of the popular support channels on the raiseaticket free help desk. Help desk is designed for organizing and tracking all the queries, service requests and replies which are made to the technical support by customers. Customer support is also an opportunity to capture more leads. The factors that drive customer expectations are constantly changing. Consistency is an important factor for customer support including interactions and information provided on the support channels. Organisations gain customer's trust by being transparent and providing them with accurate information about their requests.

Customer experiences are managed better with help desk software, constant learning from the data and customer feedback is the only way to improve the support experience. The learning helps to measure how customers respond and then decide whether to pivot or improve or redesign the customer support process. Customer support can get only better with user-friendly intuitive help desk software, real-time reports, continuous training and personal development of agents. The help desk platform enables to build a customer-obsessed business model with a deep understanding of what matters to customers, data insights, reports and feedback.

Customers require quick answers for their problems to resolve by themselves, a self-service helpdesk feature becomes handy and adds the extra advantage to the customer experience. Empower your customers by provisioning the technology tools to solve future problems on their own.

    Multi-agent and omnichannel channel support SaaS platform

    Notification for agents

    Real-time monitoring of KPIs with custom reports and insights

In order to estimate the number of support requests your helpdesk likely to process depends on the factors:

    Business and Client size

    Service and Product offering

    Product adoption and ease of use

    Support responsibility

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