What is a Help desk?

Every business offers their best product or services to the customers to achieve greater business success. In this journey, customer always require support or help for the product and services they purchased.

A help desk is the platform to manage customer questions, requests or issues. The questions or requests are raised as tickets. The agents are often the face of the support function that customers see, customers make judgements about the entire organization based on agent’s interactions and conversations.

A help desk ticketing system is used to manage customer questions, requests or reported issues. The questions or requests are raised as tickets. What is a ticket? A ticket is a customer request raised to seek help in resolving issues on services, products, quotes, etc. The ticket could be raised by sending an email, using the web form, or opened by the agent on behalf of the customer.

Teams or groups is the right mix and number of members, optimally designed for tasks and processes and promote positive dynamics. Competence, Innovation, Collaboration, Commitment and Co-ordination factors for successful teamwork.

Teamwork enables a compelling direction, a strong structure, and a supportive context for delivering excellent customer service and experience.

Consistent delivery of support and services

    Improved quality and efficiency

    Greater visibility of support services

    Better communications with customers

    Ensure best industry practices

    Keep IT aligned to the business

A good customer support experience builds the reputation, loyalty, and trust in the product or services offered. Customer support empowers organizations to translate customer insights into the improvements that drive value, including:

    Improved customer retention and loyalty

    Customer acquisition by referrals

    Reduced cost to serve

    Identity repeated issues

    Increased brand awareness

Customer support has many channels, let’s start from the beginning, where it all began, and in this, I am referring to the growth and evolution of customer support services via the email channel. Customer support via email remains one of the popular support channels on a helpdesk. Help desk is designed for organizing and tracking all the queries, service requests and replies which are made to the technical support by customers. Customer support is also an opportunity to capture more leads.

Customer experiences are managed better with help desk software, constant learning from the data and customer feedback is the only way to improve the support experience. The learning helps to measure how customers respond and then decide whether to pivot or improve the customer support process. Customer support can get only better with user-friendly intuitive help desk software, real-time reports, continuous training and personal development of agents.

Customers require quick answers for their problems to resolve by themselves, a self-service helpdesk feature becomes handy and adds the extra advantage to the customer experience.

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